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I'm a research associate in the Research Center on Educational Media, Tsukuba College of Technology.

My background and interests are in Superdistribution and software reuse technology. I developed Prototype II for Superdistribution which utilized the coprocessor interface of an existing computer.

I design another prototype which can more freely distribute electronic objects such as software components and multimedia data.

From 1991, I am a member of the Superdistribution Committee formed by the Japan Electronics Industry Development Association (JEIDA). I've edited the technical reports on Superdistribution.

I also developed some software tools for the visually impaired.

Superdistribution (Updated : 4/2/99)
I've constructed the Superdistribution Resource Pages, and maintain them.
Publications (Updated : 4/2/99)
Papers, articles and technical reports are listed, some of them are available in electronic form.
Technical Experience
Education, Jobs Experiences.
Software for the visually impaired
I developed some programs for the visually impaired. This page is written in Japanese, I have no plan to translate into English.
Family Snapshots and Sketches
Miscellaneous Photos and Sketches from wall magnet collection in my office. Why don't you visit my sweet home.
Misc Information
Miscellaneous information. Very few people will be interested this page.

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